GMT Design Sarajevo
Logo Desing

Last month I completed a logo design and branding project for GMT Design, a company based in Sarajevo that provides planning and supervision services for infrastructure projects. The project included the creation of a new logo, a business card design, and a door sign with working hours.

For the logo, I chose a modern sans-serif font for the company name and incorporated a stylized image of a compass, to represent the company’s focus on direction and guidance for their clients’ infrastructure projects. The color scheme of blue and grey conveys a sense of stability and reliability, which was important for the client to communicate to their customers.

For the business card, I continued the color scheme from the logo and utilized a clean, minimalist design that highlighted the key information, such as the company’s contact information and services offered. The card also featured a small, subtle compass design in the corner, tying it back to the main logo.

The door sign was designed with a similar aesthetic, incorporating the logo and the company’s working hours in a clear, easy-to-read format. This sign was printed on a durable material that would hold up well over time, and was installed on the door of the company’s office.

Overall, the GMT Design branding project was a success, and the client was extremely happy with the new look and feel of their company. The new logo and branding materials effectively communicated the company’s professionalism and reliability, and were well-received by both the client and their customers.

Date: 2023
Location: Sarajevo, B&H
Client: GMT Design d.o.o.
Category: Logo Design Design


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